4 Ways to Decorate Gabled Dormer Windows

Gabled dormer windows are an architectural delight that lets in a lot of natural light, fresh air and provides dramatic treetop views. They also look excellent from the outside of your home and improve its aesthetic appeal.

However, when it comes to decorating these windows and the adjacent interior spaces, it can prove to be a challenge to decorate. In today’s post, we’ll give you four interesting ways to transform the appearance and function of your gabled dormer windows.

  1. Turn it into a Reading Corner

An amazing way to utilize the space of a sunny gabled dormer window is by tucking in a reading spot if you love to read. Line your bookshelves along the adjacent walls and add all of your favourite reading material. Place soft shag, and throw in a lot of cushions or pillows to make it cosy. You can also add an overhead light fixture or wall-mounted reading lights to make the space more functional after daylight.

  1. Build a Small Work Space

When the window leads into a deep nook, you can use the space to build a workspace with a small built-in desk. Do your paperwork, organize your bills and all other important work that requires a silent personal place to concentrate on. Use a recessed light overhead or a table lamp to make the workspace usable during the night or on not-so-well-lit days. Place your laptop or desktop on the desk, add built-in storage, fit in a comfortable chair and you’re all set!

  1. Use Window Treatments to Cover

If your gabled dormer windows come with a shallow protrusion, then you can decorate it with curtains and draperies. Here are some ideas to consider.

  • Hang curtains over the window from a rod to add interest to the space. Mount a shelf overhead in such a way that the rod isn’t visible and display your valuables on the shelf. It’ll provide your interior with a unique charm.

  • Install a decorative curtain rod that frames the shape of the window recess and hang short gathered curtains.

  • Depending on the location of your window if you don’t want to block natural light, you can decorate it with swags, tails, and window scarf.

  • For a layered look, pair draperies and valances or curtains and scarves together to create a beautiful window decoration.

Besides curtains and draperies, shades can also be used to cover these windows depending on their structures.

  1. Add a Seat to Relax

You can easily turn the space into a relaxation zone by adding a cosy window seat. A simple bench with closed drawers or built-in storage with a comfortable seating will help you create a little nest to sit back and enjoy the scenic beauty outside. You can also turn the space into a sitting area to sit and talk with friends.

Follow these ideas to decorate and utilize the space of your gabled dormer windows in your home. If you’re looking for branded window treatments in Toronto and the GTA, contact Centurian Window Fashions at 416-489-9990. Our experts will assist you throughout the processes of consultation, buying, and installation.