7 Factors Affecting the Cost of Custom Drapery

7 Factors Affecting the Cost of Custom Drapery

Custom drapery is one of the preferred methods Torontonians use to add elegance and class to their home. It can make your bedroom modern and romantic, or give your living room a formal look. Custom drapery can accentuate and complement any style and enhance your home’s overall look. They have many advantages and these are just a few.

Getting custom-made drapes goes beyond just picking the colour that goes with your wall and furniture. It is about choosing the right fabric with the right quality and creating the right style. And, of course, hiring the right professional.

All these factors (and a few more) make it an expensive option, but here are tips to reduce the cost of custom-made drapery in Toronto.

What Makes Custom Drapes Expensive?

1. The Consultation Fee

When you are buying standard curtains or blinds, you only have to look at them, check the material and size, and buy them. But, for custom curtains, a professional visits your home to discuss your requirements. They not only look at your windows but the room as a whole to design a solution that will complement each element to deliver the desired result. Their visit adds to the cost. However, many drapery stores offer a free consultation. Availing yourself of this service can help you save.

2. The Material

The purpose of the drapery, as well as the material and its quality, greatly impacts the cost of custom drapery. Do you need the curtains to beautify the space or do you want them for functionality? For example, simple sheer or regular curtains made from light materials like cotton or polyester won’t be as expensive as shades and shutters made from metal or bamboo. Your choice of material will not only change the dynamics in your room but significantly affect your drapes’ cost.

Custom Drapery Material

3. Style and Quality of Drapes

Whether you are getting customized drapes in Mississauga or elsewhere in Canada, the overall cost will depend largely on what kind of window treatment you want. There are many drapery styles and the more intricate they are, the more expensive they become. Do you want plain curtains or pleated ones? Do you want manual ones or those that employ smart home technology? Do you want regular curtains or those made with eco-friendly materials? The latter answers are the more expensive ones.

4. Length of the Drapes

Tall windows need tall curtains which require more fabric. They may also need a little adjustment and tweaking to make them fit perfectly. Plus, installing the drapes at a great height means greater chances of falling and injury. All these things can add substantially to the cost of custom curtains.

5. Accessories

You will need accessories to mount the curtains and enhance its look. A mounting rod, clips, rings, curtain ties, frills, et cetera will add to the cost. If you have lightweight curtains, lighter and inexpensive rods will go with them. But for heavier curtains, you will have to go with metallic rods with attachments to hold the weight of your curtain. This, obviously, will be more expensive by comparison.

6. Functionality of Drapes

If you want more control over privacy and light, the panels will require more fabric. Also, more fabric will be needed if you want your drapes to look fuller even when they are closed. Motorized drapes will cost extra compared to manual ones. And even if you are going manual and you want the curtains to flow flawlessly while opening and closing them, you may want to go with traverse rods. These are more expensive than regular curtain rods.

7. Drapery Installation

Custom drapery installation toronto

Custom drapery needs to be installed by professionals. You can get the curtain hung at any height you want, inside or outside of your window casing, depending on what look you want. The installation cost often goes up with the difficulty of installation. Installing custom drapery on oddly-sized widows will cost more than on regular-sized ones. Also, the installation team brings their own tools, including pulleys and nails. Your cost will also depend on the number of tools they use in the installation. If it is a simple installation, you can do it by yourself and save on your costs. But it is always advisable to let the professional do it.

Although custom drapery is expensive, it is worth investing in, especially if you are remodeling your home or want to up its resale value. They offer an elegance that no standard drapery can. Perfect fit means more functionality and you get the look you desire for the room. You also get more control over light and privacy, and they last longer than standard drapes. All these facts make them worth the expense, although there are ways to get custom drapery on a budget.