Choose Hunter Douglas or Shade-O-Matic Blinds in Woodbridge

Deciding between top windows blinds suppliers Shade-O-Matic and Hunter Douglas is no easy task. So, let us compare their blinds and see how Centurian Window Fashions, Toronto’s renowned window blinds store, can help you to choose the perfect ones for your Woodbridge home.
Both Hunter Douglas and Shade-O-Matic blinds come in a wide range of styles, sizes and materials. We can not only help you choose suitable blinds from these brands but tailor them to your exact needs.
Let’s get started with this comparative study of Hunter Douglas and Shade-O-Matic Blinds in Woodbridge.

How to Choose Between Shade-O-Matic and Hunter Douglas Blinds in Woodbridge

Hunter Douglas and Shade-O-Matic blinds are made from various materials such as fabric, aluminum, wood, vinyl, and faux wood. Their high-end motorized vertical and horizontal blinds are run by automated operating systems such as remote control, voice control and smart devices.

Types of Shade-O-Matic Blinds and Their Key Features

Vertical Blinds

These Shade-O-Matic blinds are available in PVC and fabric vanes. The carriers use permanent alignment to keep these vanes properly lined up. They come in more than 250 patterns, colours and textures. Standard chain, wand, and cord controls are available to ensure optimum flexibility and light control.

Shade-O-Matic Vertical Blinds in Woodbridge

Faux Wood Blinds

These blinds are the best alternative to wood due to their resistance to regular wear and tear. While their standard 2” slats are a good choice for any type of window, the 2 ½” version is easier to see through.
The Lift and Lock Cordless System and Cordless Lift System are both available to provide seamless operation. (The latter makes lifting blinds easy. All you need is to hold the bottom of the blinds and then pull or push them to your desired level and then let go.)
The cordless lift and lock lift system can help you get your desired closed or open setting by using a special handle on the blinds rail. This allows you to control the movement of blinds with the press of the button on its handle. It also makes certain that this desired setting stay in the proper place.)
You may also ask for a special feature such as LightsOut. This reduces light leakage and helps darken the room to allow for maximum privacy when the blinds are kept closed.

Wood Blinds

These window blinds are made from high-quality hardwood and are available in three slat sizes (1 ⅜”, 2” and 2 ⅜”) and 36 exclusive finishes. A special crown valance will be included along with three optional pretty valances in order to strengthen the blinds. Other features include the Cordless Lift System, the Lift & Lock Cordless System, and the optional LightsOut feature.

Aluminum Blinds

If you want to add to your home’s minimalist and chic appearance, these aluminum blinds are your best bet. Both one and two inch slat sizes are available as are 50 diverse finishes and colours. These include an exclusive dirt-resistant finish for easy cleaning and spring-tempered slats that help to get rid of kinks and dents. The optional LightsOut feature is also available.

Types of Hunter Douglas Blinds and Their Prominent Features

Vertical Blinds

These are made from various materials such as aluminum, fabric, and vinyl. They are great options for both big windows and sliding doors. Here are the different types of Hunter Douglas vertical blinds:

Hunter Douglas in Woodbridge

• Cadence Soft Vertical Blinds
Their brilliant look is similar to soft drapes, and they have automatic operational control. Their exclusive head rail design allows these coverings to move easily along windows.
• Somner Custom Vertical Blinds
These coverings are available in a wide variety of colours, textures and treatments. You may select from exclusive metal finishes and premium fabrics.
• Vertical Solutions Vertical Blinds
If you want minimalistic decor then these blinds are your ideal option. They are made from vinyls and fabrics that allow your furniture or other room elements to get the maximum attention.
• Skyline Panel Track Blinds
Do you have large windows with spectacular views? Skyline Panel Tracks Blinds are your best option. They provide an excellent background for your interior and also act as the best room divider.

Wood and Metal Blinds

These finest-quality faux wood, wood, and horizontal aluminum blinds are available in diverse textures, colours and slat sizes. Let’s find out more about these window coverings:
• Parkland Wood Blinds
If you want a traditional as well as luxurious look, then choose Parkland Wood Blinds. Their slats are made from premium woods that add beauty to any room.
• Everwood Faux Wood Blinds
A wide range of colours, decorative tapes and exclusive stain finishes are available. They are suitable for humid rooms such as laundries and bathrooms because they won’t fade or warp. A special De-Light feature helps to reduce light leakage.

Modern Precious Metals Aluminum Blinds

These durable blinds are suitable for homeowners who want a chic, streamlined appearance. They come in a variety of finishes such as metallics, mattes, pearlescent and soft hues. The de-Light option, which eliminates cord holes to eliminate sunlight coming through, is also available.

Now that you are aware of the key features of different types of Hunter Douglas and Shade-O-Matic blinds from Toronto’s top window blinds company, you can choose the best ones for your Woodbridge home. With so many options, the right choice can be tricky, but the staff at Centurian can offer you their professional advice. Contact our experts for a free in-home consultation and let us help you choose the right blinds.