Vertical or Horizontal Blinds: Which to Choose in Mississauga / Vaughan

Most people are not aware of the difference that changing the window blinds can bring to the look and feel of their room. With the right coverings, you can not only transform your space but enhance the functionality it provides as well. While choosing the right window blinds for your Mississauga home, you have two major styles to choose from: these are vertical and horizontal blinds. Both of these options are available in diverse materials, styles, and colours. Based on the actual size of the window that you want to cover and also the overall decor of your room, choose the right kind of window blinds. In this post, we do a comparison between these two types of blinds and help you to make an informed decision. Centurian Window Fashions is Toronto’s leading window blinds store dedicated to offering a wide range of premium and custom window treatments at competitive rates.

Vertical versus Horizontal Blinds: What is Right For You?

The key difference between vertical and horizontal blinds is how these blinds open. For example, the horizontal ones have premium horizontal slats that may open from top to their bottom while the vertical ones have vertical slats that may open from the sides. As already mentioned, both of these blinds are known to be the most popular window blind styles. But if you can’t decide which of these window blinds to choose for your home, here is a comparison between these two options for better understanding.

Consider the Window’s Position

The exact position of your window may play a vital role in determining which kind of window blinds is right for your home. Because the vertical ones may be adjusted left and right, they need to be placed on west or east facing windows. The reason is that they help to obstruct the sunlight as per the exact position of the sun throughout the day. In the case of horizontal blinds, their installation should be on south or north facing windows in your Mississauga home. In this way, they may be easily adjusted both in the upward and downward direction as per the changes in the direction of the sun.

Determine the Usage of the Window Blinds

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One of the key benefits of these window coverings is that both of them are widely used for different kinds of windows. For example, vertical blinds are perfect for covering wide as well as long windows, French windows, etc. Moreover, these blinds have larger slats and they are installed at the top of the window’s opening, thereby offering faster access as well as excellent light control. On the other hand, horizontal blinds prove to be excellent options for narrower as well as smaller windows. Compared to the vertical countertops, these horizontal coverings have thinner slats and are also ideal for traditional-style windows. It is vital to note that thinner slats are less effective in blocking sunlight and therefore, they are mostly used for the medium as well as small-sized windows.

Consider Light Control as well as Privacy Factors

In the matter of blocking sunlight as well as maintaining energy efficiency inside the house, vertical blinds are the best option. When it is very sunny outside, the wider slats of these blinds help to block heat, filter the light as well as keep your home pleasant and cozy. Likewise, during winter, they help to retain heat inside the house. Compared to vertical blinds, the horizontal ones are not that good in terms of energy efficiency and light control. The reason is that when the sun is in a downward direction, then sunlight passes through the gaps of the slats of horizontal blinds.
So far as privacy level is concerned, horizontal blinds are a better option. For example, when they are closed completely, they close off the room and create a visual barrier for the onlookers. Vertical blinds, on the other hand, are at risk of being opened up accidentally and thus hamper privacy to a great extent.

Determine the Maintenance Factor

Compared to horizontal blinds, vertical blinds are easy to clean and maintain. Because the slats of these blinds are aligned vertically, they accumulate less dust or dirt and may also be cleaned easily. Moreover, when you purchase vertical blinds that are made of faux wood or vinyl, then they are less prone to regular wear and tear and are also resistant to moisture. The design of horizontal blinds actually makes them more susceptible to accumulating dust, thus creating problems in cleaning as well as maintenance.

Consider the Size of Slats

As already mentioned, the size of slats in vertical blinds is bigger as compared to those of horizontal blinds. In fact, the slats of horizontal blinds never reach up to the floor but slats of these vertical counterparts certainly do so. While the horizontal blinds produce less noise, the slat of the vertical ones may be quite noisy during stormy days. This happens especially if their tracks are not properly greased.
Now that you know about the features as well as uses of vertical and horizontal blinds you determine which one is best for your home in Mississauga or Vaughan. Are you still feeling confused? Get in touch with us and get advice on the custom window blinds trends and also the right option for your home.