5 Popular Blinds to Make Your Bedroom Cozy

Comfort, privacy and relaxation are the primary pleasures everyone looks forward to as they step into their bedrooms. However, there are several factors that affect the serenity of a bedroom, window coverings being the most important one. Your choice of window treatments affects the ventilation and privacy of the room and hence should be carefully chosen. One of the most functional and popular choices of windows coverings for the bedroom is the window blinds. Toronto’s weather, the neighbourhood you live in, and the house architecture together will help you determine the right choice.

This post outlines various tips and suggestion on the best window blinds that are ideal for your bedroom and how you can choose them.

Criteria to Choose the Right Window Blinds for Your Bedroom

The following are certain things that you will need to take note of while buying blinds for your bedroom.

  • The bedroom décor should make the ambience relaxing and calm. The colours and patterns of your blinds should be subdued and there should be an overall balance in the colour palette you are using.
  • The privacy and light control are major factors when selecting blinds for bedrooms. Generally, the privacy in the bedroom should be high which calls for translucent or opaque variants like roman blinds.
  • The ease of access to your windows determines the mechanism that will be suitable for the blinds. There are motorized blinds by Hunter Douglas that eliminates this concern as you can control them from anywhere in the room, making it easy to cover difficult-to-reach windows.
  • The material used for the readymade or custom blinds is also important. If you are allergic to dust, a blind made of a material that does not attract and accumulate dust easily and is low-maintenance should be chosen.
  • Your bedroom can be soundproofed to a significant level with the right window treatment and if noise from the street disturbs your sleep, choose a variant that is designed specifically for noise cancellation.
  • Choking hazards and trouble with the chords getting tangled can become a problem when you have kids and pets in the house, and many homeowners look for cordless motorized blinds to optimize their home safety.

Best Window Blinds for the Bedroom:

The following are the types of window blinds that are the most popular for the bedroom windows:

  1. Fabric roller blinds

Fabric blinds are versatile window coverings available in a variety of designs, and styles which can complement the colour scheme of your bedroom. You can easily get them custom-made with the fabric colour, print, texture and material of your preference. For maximum privacy and preventing light filtering into you’re the room, choose roller blinds made with blackout fabrics. If you want some light diffusion throughout the day and blackout only for the night, double roller blinds are what you need.

According to interior architect Rob Whitten,

“The old-fashioned roller shade is still a good option. They are a practical and inexpensive option that works well in many applications.”

Fabric Roller Blinds in Toronto

  1. Venetian blinds

These slatted blinds are not as blackout as a roller blind would be, but convenient as you can easily adjust the slats accordingly to the light requirement of the bedroom at any point of time. For long lasting and durable blinds, look for variants made of wood or aluminum. While these are comparatively expensive, you can consider buying blinds on sale to get these for a more cost-effective price. Besides the high utility you get from these blinds, they are aesthetically appealing and come in handy to match with any interior. You can also go for venetian blinds made of faux wood if you’re looking for a budget-friendly alternative.

Faux wood venetian blinds

  1. Roman blinds

These are fabric blinds but the mechanism is unique compared to the roller and vertical blinds. The fabric neatly stacks up in folds when the blind is pulled up. When it is let down, it looks like a roller blind but some of the fabric is folded and bundled at the base, giving your room a casual and cozy vibe. These are excellent window coverings for the bedroom as they feature a blackout lining to make the blinds completely opaque, thus avoiding the unwanted sun glare that may disturb your sleep on a happy weekend morning.

Roman Blinds for Bedrooms

  1. Honeycomb blinds

Featuring a 3-dimensional honeycomb design, these blinds are noted for enhancing the insulation of your home. Rest assured that your bedroom will feel very comfortable throughout the year with these blinds. They are available in numerous varieties and depending on the level of light permeability you prefer the blinds can be chosen accordingly.

According to blogger, Alyson McNutt English of HouseLogic,

“If you’d like to combine privacy and energy efficiency, Honeycomb Shades are a good choice.”

The unique style of the honeycomb blinds is another perk of these window coverings. They add aesthetically to your bedroom and has a unique style that can become the focal point of the space.

Honeycomb blinds for bedroom windows

  1. Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are an excellent addition to a bedroom because of their elegant appearance, ease of installation and functionality. Available in a wide variety of tones, these blinds have vertical slats that don’t accumulate dust, thus being a great choice for people suffering from allergies. Also, they are easy to operate and require minimal maintenance as they are generally made of durable PVC material. They stack cleanly to the side to allow you full view when you open them, offering you complete light control in your bedroom.

Sleek vertical blinds for modern bedrooms

Choosing the perfect blinds for your bedroom can be challenging if you don’t know what you want and what to look for. After all, they are crucial for the room’s comfort and privacy. Hopefully, this blog post from our window blinds professionals in Toronto will help you understand the criteria to select suitable blinds for your bedroom and the most popular options that you can consider. To learn more about blinds and their installation, contact us.