Keep Your Woodbridge Home Warm with Custom Draperies & Blinds

It’s cold outside, so it’s time to prepare your home to block out chilly air and preserve warmth.

Apart from checking your roof for leaks and shutting off the water to outside faucets, it is also important to cover up your windows to shut out the cold.

If you are looking for the best window coverings for winter, check out this curated guide to keep your home warm. Whether you choose custom drapery or blinds for your Woodbridge home, these window treatments will allow you to safeguard your windows this winter.

Combat Cold with the Best Custom Draperies and Blinds for Your Woodbridge Home

Below are the best custom blinds and draperies for your warmth and safety this winter.

1. Curtains and Draperies

Drapes and curtains are stylish, elegant, and highly energy-efficient. Not all of them can block cold air, but custom draperies offer better functionality in winter.

First, it’s important to pick the appropriate fabric. For example, lightweight and lacy fabrics are best suited to summer in order to have an open, airy ambience. Heavyweight fabrics like suede and velvet are thicker, thereby making them useful in blocking cold air.

You may also select insulated draperies with thick layers. The core layer is created from heavy foam that may block cold air from entering and warm air from going out.

Another way to enhance your home’s insulation is to layer your draperies. In this design, you can pair diverse colours, patterns, and fabrics to customize your look while making the window coverings more effective in keeping your home warm and cozy.

2. Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

If you want window treatments with clean lines, choose roller blinds. There are multiple types that do more than just block light.

They are not only a better alternative to traditional window treatments, but they are also more energy efficient. You may keep them wide open during the day to allow in sunlight and close them to retain heat in the evening. They may also keep the room at a pleasing temperature during the day.

Undoubtedly, their versatility helps them complement your existing home decor. You can access a variety of patterns and colours to ensure you get something for each room.

3. Roman Blinds

These give your space a sophisticated and elegant look. They also increase the natural charm of both traditional and modern decor.

These blinds are created using a variety of fabrics. You may select from thermal as well as insulated varieties to make them highly effective for use in winter. These thermal varieties absorb heat and keep it in the room. They are made of fabric, which gives the space a soft, inviting appearance and maintains a comfortable temperature.

Their design guarantees that warm air will not escape and cold air does not enter.

4. Solar Blinds

Solar Blinds

These window coverings help to stabilize temperatures in summer by blocking dangerous ultraviolet rays. During the colder seasons, solar blinds absorb sunlight and convert it into heat to keep your home warm.

5. Combination of Window Coverings

In order to have more warmth in winter, you can layer your window treatments to maximize insulation. A few popular groupings are drapes with cellular blinds and curtains with horizontal blinds.

When looking for window treatments to keep your home cozy, it is important to select ones that are also functional. If you compromise one for the other, it may cause unnecessary issues because you need to buy appropriate window coverings for the season. Fortunately, you have multiple window covering choices that provide enhanced style and optimum functionality. Hopefully, this post helps you make the best choice to provide the right balance between style and functionality.