The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Window Treatments for Any Room

Every room in the house is used for a specific purpose, which alters the way you design and decorate each space. It’s important to keep the various intricacies and function of each room to determine the right kind of décor that will complement it. Whether you are remodelling a single room or the entire house, windows have a major influence on the overall décor. Choosing the right kind of window treatment will enhance the style of your space, maintain your privacy and ensure proper insulation of the house.

This post discusses various factors that you must consider when choosing window treatments for your home. In addition, it offers recommendations on the right type of coverings for different rooms.

Guiding Principles

There are certain general criteria that you must keep in mind when you are choosing the most suitable window treatments for your home. Depending on the requirements of your space, you must select the most appropriate material, style and function.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

Although window coverings are used to decorate any space, the style used in your bedroom may look out of place in a home office. Aesthetic design is a vital factor that you must take into consideration when you are going to shop for window treatments. You can also create a unique look by using a single style or layering them to create visual appeal, while achieving more privacy.

  • Customization

Windows come in various shapes and sizes and a one-size-fits-all design may not always work for your home. If your coverings are not the ideal size and match, it can look out of place. Consult professionals about customization options that are available to find the best fit for your windows.

  • Functionality

When you are shopping for window coverings, it’s essential to choose a style based on the function of the room. This can significantly affect many aspects of the space, including the lighting, ambiance and the overall design and décor of the house.

The above general guidelines are essential for helping you choose the best type of window treatment. As mentioned, the type you select is also based on the purpose of each space. Therefore, we provide expert recommendations on the most suitable options for bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms.

  1. The Master Bath and Powder Rooms

Privacy is the primary concern when you are choosing window treatments for your bathroom. This is particularly important when your bathroom faces a close neighbour or is situated at the front of the house. Besides privacy, you must also consider the high level of moisture and humidity in these spaces. Hence, materials like faux wood, PVC, stainless steel and plastic are ideal because they can withstand dampness significantly.

If your bathroom lighting is insufficient or there isn’t enough natural light, choose sheer and light colours rather than dark and heavy materials. Window treatments like solar shades, enhance your privacy while also letting in enough light into the space.

Ventilation should also be a priority in order to prevent mould and mildew growth. If your bathroom is stuffy, make sure the window treatment does not contribute to g this issue. Light-weight materials that are water resistant or can easily dry, can help you resolve such problems. Fibre shades and café shutters are a great option to help decorate bathrooms that require ventilation.

  1. The Bedroom

Our bedroom is the place where we can be ourselves and relax. Acquiring absolute control over privacy is a basic necessity in this room and the ambience improves your sleep.

Blackout shades and drapes are definitely a good choice. It not only provides absolute privacy and a significant amount of noise cancellation, but also completely shuts out the sunlight. Those who have an overnight working schedule will find blackout window treatments very helpful.

Another good choice for the bedroom is a day-and-night shade. They have a light filtering end and a room darkening end so you can adjust it according to your needs. Cellular shades impart a soft and romantic touch to the room, as they diffuse external light and enhance the insulation. This creates a warm ambience, making them a popular choice for designing a cozy bedroom.

  1. The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most active rooms in the house, as we experiment with new cuisine. Spills and accidents are common, in addition to fluctuations in humidity and temperature. A lot of activities from family get-togethers to hobbies and homework time for the kids, take place in this space. Your choice of window coverings must be able to withstand these conditions, while at the same time, appeal to the eyes.

You should opt for window treatments that are easy to clean, enhances insulation and doesn’t have tassels, cords, and chains. Faux wood is an ideal choice because it’s durable and straightforward to clean. This material also does not warp or fade easily, making them an ideal choice for kitchens with a lot of activities.

Café shutters fit the bill and also create a cozy environment that allows sufficient light in while maintaining your privacy. These shutters don’t have cords that can get stuck, tangled and possibly catch fire.

Avoid heavy and gaudy materials like velvet and chintz, which can soak up spills, odours and fumes, and are very difficult to clean.

  1. The Living Room

The living room is a part of the home where you can relax and enjoy time with family and visitors. It also has numerous furniture and appliances that must be protected from external elements. Hence, a heavy-duty window covering that provides enough protection from sunlight, while maintaining a balanced temperature inside the house is an essential choice for this room.

There are numerous living room window designs and coverings should be chosen accordingly. Dressing up is key for living room windows, as they help make an impression. A combination of drapes and shades create an elegant look while maintaining your privacy as well. In addition, options such as a decorative valance, can add a finishing touch to elaborate window dressings.

Choose colours, patterns and textures carefully to add to the overall appeal and create a welcoming ambience. If your living space looks outside, choose a window dressing that does not obstruct the picturesque view. Motorized solar shades is a wise choice for a living room, as it universally complements any kind of home décor. This type of covering also diffuses light, and protects your furniture, photos and the floor from continuous exposure to direct sunlight.

  1. The Rooms for Children

If you’re decorating a children’s room to accommodate studying or sleeping, special attention must be paid to choosing window treatments. Safety is the primary concern here, while its appeal to the child is the next major factor. The room must look and feel like a child’s room, encouraging them to spend more time there.

Steer clear of window treatments like traditional blinds and shades that come with cords and chain links, as this can pose choking hazards for children. Roller shades, drapes without any tie-up accessories are the best choice you have. Motorized shutters and shades are ideal, since they are cordless. Also avoid installing any window treatment that have sharp edges which can lead to accidents.

Look for quirky prints for fabric-based window coverings, which will draw your children’s attention. You can also take shutters and shades made of faux wood or fibre, and paint the louvres bright colours that complement the style of their room.

It’s always recommended that you choose a window treatment that specifically meets the requirements of the room you’re designing. We hope this post has clarified any confusions you may have regarding the right choice of window treatment for each room. At Centurian Window Fashions, we offer high-quality, branded products that can help you enhance the overall design and look of your home.