4 Signs You Should Change Your Shutters in Mississauga/Vaughan

All homeowners should inspect their window shutters annually. But those that show signs of wear don’t necessarily need to be replaced, which is costly. But if you are willing to keep your window shutters in top shape by doing small repairs as needed, they will last longer and put off big replacement costs.
But what if they are beyond repair? How do you know when is the best time to replace them? Read this post to learn the signs your old shutters should be replaced.
Let’s dig in.

Telltale Signs to Replace Your Window Shutters in Mississauga/Vaughan

Have you found any visible signs of damage to your shutters? If yes, then you should definitely replace them. Never neglect the following signs:

1. They Look Very Old and Shattered

When shutters reach the end of their lifecycle, such as being damaged in multiple areas or having several broken slats, replacement should be immediate. Generally, custom window shutters last longer when maintained correctly.

2. They Move Even in Mild Breezes

Do your shutters move rapidly even when struck by a gentle breeze? Then there is something wrong. This applies to both outdoor and indoor shutters. Replace them before they get detached during a windy day and cause severe damage to your window.

3. You Have New Windows

If you have refurbished your windows, chances are there that they are not the same style or size as the old ones. So, it is time for a new shutter installation in your Mississauga or Vaughan home. Otherwise, the old shutters will not look very appealing.
Here are some of the most popular shutter types from which you can choose.
● Wood Shutters
These are a good option as they are available in diverse styles, shapes, and sizes. They will surely add a touch of sophistication to your home. However, wood shutters need regular cleaning and maintenance.
● Vinyl Shutters
Vinyl ones cost less than wood shutters and need less maintenance but give your home a wonderful look. Their disadvantage is that they may fade but can be restored to their original colour with a coat of paint. Note: cracks in these shutters cannot be filled, necessitating replacement.
● Plantation Shutters
Plantation Shutters

If you are searching for affordable shutters to beautify your windows, these are your ideal option. They are best for floor-to-ceiling, kitchen, and bedroom windows. They come in paint as well as stain finishes and may also be tailored with narrow or wide blades.
● Café Shutters
These cover the lower part of windows, thereby allowing natural light to enter through the exposed upper part. The windows in high-rise apartments may be covered with these to retain privacy and enjoy daylight. They make a simple yet elegant style statement.
● California Shutters
These can make even a tiny room appear bigger and brighter. Compared to other window treatments, California shutters sit at the same level as your window and offer a seamless appearance. They can also accommodate any changes to your home decor.

4. You Can’t Close or Open Them

This is a sure-fire sign that your window shutters need to be replaced. For instance, the shutters may not look good if they weren’t installed properly. This issue will get worse over time and may lead to complete mechanism failure or other dangerous consequences. Replacement becomes necessary at this point.
Window shutters are an essential feature of your home. They help determine how a space both looks and functions. Never allow old or damaged shutters to spoil your home. Our team has diverse shutter options to help you to choose the appropriate one and improve the space’s overall look and feel. Call us today.