4 Ways to Cover Windows over a Radiator

Most old-fashioned radiators are bulky and occupy a lot of space beneath the windows. If you have one of these radiators in your home, then you’re aware of the difficulties it creates when it comes to decorating your windows. We’ve compiled some simple ways to treat your windows without hindering the functionality of these blocky structures.

  1. Floor-Length Curtains

Floor-length curtains work best with radiators under the windows, but closing them means they’ll block the heat generated by the radiator. Generally, pairing up floor-length curtains with other window coverings can do the trick.

  • Paired with Roller Shades: Adjusting the levels of light is essential during the day and night, especially in bedrooms and living areas where you need more privacy and darkness. For windows in these areas, choose roller shades to cover your windows and pair them with floor-length curtains or drapes to maintain the aesthetic and style of your room. When choosing roller shades, opt for ones that come with blackout liners to give you maximum light blocking effects which is ideal for a bedroom. 
  • Paired with Wooden Blinds: You can layer floor-length stationary curtains with wooden blinds. Since floor-length curtains drawn over the radiator block heat, opting for a stationary panel is a smart idea. These panels do not open or close. The rod and the curtains are usually threaded. The wooden blinds, on the other hand, will let you control the amount of outdoor light. 
  • Paired with Cellular Shades: Cellular shades are an excellent option for securing your privacy and controlling For your floor-length curtains, choose a ceiling-mounted track instead of regular curtain rods. This track can be installed in two ways –

– It’s attached to the ceiling with the help of hardware like brackets or clamps.

– It’s screwed into the ceiling directly with mounting holes.

Install these tracks a few inches away from the window frames so that when you can close these curtains they don’t come in the way of a large radiator.

If you don’t want to pair up anything with your floor-length curtains, try hanging the curtains on an extended rod or bracket. It’ll help keep the curtains away from the wall and the radiator when drawn without affecting the heating effect.

2.   Shutters

If you don’t like to hang curtains, then you can try shutters. They look good by themselves and when you choose a colour that complements your room, they’ll look great. For a classic look, opt for a white colour.

3.  Blinds

You can try Roman blinds if you’re not fond of shutters and curtains. They provide good privacy and let you block strong light. They’re ideal for the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.

4.  Short Curtains

This is another option for treating windows with a radiator underneath. Short curtains can cover your windows efficiently without cluttering the sides of the radiator or blocking the heat. Typically, short curtains end at the window sill but you can experiment with the lengths of your short curtains. Let the hem of the curtains graze just at the top of the radiator cover for a better decorative look. Avoid heavy fabrics. Choose light-weight materials and light solid colours for your short curtains.

For a complete and coherent look, paint the radiator cover with the same colour as that of the window moulding. Also, make sure that the window treatment of your radiator windows matches the window treatments of the other windows in the same room.

Now that you know the tricks, windows with a radiator underneath will no longer be a hassle. Try out any one of these window treatment options and get more ideas on Pinterest.