4 Window Treatment Ideas to Turn Your Kid’s Playroom into a Teen Hangout Area

The loving playroom of your kids gradually becomes less useful as they enter their teenage years. Their interest in stuffed animals and toys gets gradually replaced with spending time with their friends. As your kids grow, you need to change some spaces in your home to accommodate their changing interests. While you work on the new furniture, rugs, walls and interior decoration of the room, don’t forget to upgrade the window treatments.

Here are 4 window treatment ideas to transform the old unused playroom into a teen hangout space.

  1. Pretty Shades

A hangout area must be comfortable and warm. Add style and warmth to the room with sleek window shades. Whether you choose roller shades or roman shades, the soft materials (cotton, silk, linen) provide needed privacy. They also come in various opacities and filter strong light. Available in wide range of colours, patterns, and designs, ask your teenager to choose one according to his/her choice.

  1. Bright Curtains 

Teens love bold and bright colours. Orange, bright blue, purple, flaming red, bright pink, spring yellow and fluorescent colours are particularly popular among teens. Choose a colour that matches the walls, furniture, and décor of the room. Also, keep the fabric light because they’re easier to handle and will make the room feel airy and bright.

Some teens favour neutral colours like beige, black, and browns. You can use these colours creatively to bring out an interesting look. For example, you can choose curtains with dual colours and create a colour blocking effect throughout the room. For innovative ideas, you can check out social platforms like Pinterest.

You can also pair shades with sheer curtains to create a striking appearance. In this case, choose darker colours for your shades. If you have any prints/designs/patterns in your shades, then keep the curtains plain and simple. If you choose floral prints or geometric patterns for the curtains, then make sure the shades aren’t too busy. 

  1. Graphic Blinds

Graphic blinds with interesting images can give a complete makeover to your teen hangout area. Have the image of choice digitally printed onto the blinds. It could be an image of his/her favourite superhero, animated character, cityscape, graffiti, cars or quotes. It could also be the image of his/her favourite actor or singer!

  1. Creative Valances 

Interesting valances can also add to the style and appearance to the new teen space. Choose contrasting colours, compelling patterns (broad stripes, geometric shapes, abstracts, etc.) and prints. You can also try out swag valances.

Now it’s time to put these ideas to work. Convert the playroom into a teen room where your teenager can hang out with his/her friends after school or during weekends. However, as teenagers are tricky to please, ask their opinions when transforming the room. After all, it’s their hangout area and they’ll appreciate it more when everything in it reflects their tastes and interests.