Choosing the Right Window Shades to Prevent Sun Damage Indoors

Many glass windows are larger and wider than they have been in the past. This is a problem because windows are notorious heat reflectors and absorbents. A high-performance window absorbs ten times the heat during summer and loses ten times the heat during winter compared to a wall of equal dimensions.

However, sunlight has its own downsides and dealing with UV rays is tricky as they’re present even when the sun isn’t shining on cloudy days. The harmful UV rays are responsible for discolouration and fading of your flooring, furniture, artwork, fabric, and paint. To combat the ruination of your valuables, proper window treatments are the only solution.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you to finding the right window shades based on seasonal needs to protect your indoors from sun damage.

Window Shade Options for Sunny Summers

During the scorching heat of the summer months, it’s suggested to choose window shades that help shield the interiors and keep it cooler. Here are some of the ideal shades for summer.

  1. Exterior Solar Shades: Made from high-quality sun control fabrics, they’re the best window solution for extreme sun exposure. Exterior solar shades reduce heat absorption, blocks up to 97% UV rays and heat before light enters your space. The shade absorbs the heat and then dissipates it. They also look very stylish and elegant from the inside of the room.
  1. Solar Shades: They function as a protector against solar heat by diffusing the sunlight and blocking the harmful UV rays. Solar shades are energy-efficient and reduce glare.
  1. Skylight Shades: They block UV rays, reduce heat and control glare. Skylight shades are an economical window treatment that allows outward visibility while making your home more comfortable during the summer heat.

Window Shade Options for the Winters

With low temperatures during the winter months, you need to let in maximum sunlight to brighten up the indoors and save energy. It’s therefore essential to choose window treatments that help insulating the windows, keeping the room warm and preventing sun damage indoors. The following window shades are the best solutions during winter.

  1. Cellular Shades: Available in an interesting collection of fabric, they’re flexible window treatments to block sunlight. Also known as honeycomb shades, you can control the amount of light coming inside your room using these shades. They come with a cell size structure that helps prevent heat loss and maintain an ideal indoor temperature.
  1. Roman Shades: Available in several styles such as relaxed, tear drops, balloon, and cascading fold options, they provide a modern touch to your space. They adjust the temperature with the environment thereby helping you on your energy bills.

If you’re still indecisive about which window shade option will best suit your home, consult professional window treatment experts. To shop for high-quality materials and the latest window shades from popular brands, visit our showrooms in Vaughan or Mississauga. Call us at 416-489-9990 to make an appointment.