Buying New Window Coverings? Don’t Believe These Myths

Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned pro, buying new window treatments can be confusing when you have so many options. Plus, if you are surrounded by myths about window coverings, it can needlessly complicate the selection process. In the search for the perfect blinds, shades or shutters, it is necessary to know the difference between facts and misconceptions.

To help you avoid falling prey to certain misbeliefs, we have debunked some myths about window treatments. Have a look.

Busting the Most Common Window Treatment Myths

1) Drapes should be hung on the window trim

Many people believe the perfect place to hang drapes is on their window trim. However, this arrangement creates the illusion of short, squat windows and blocks natural light. It is best to hang drapes high, at least an inch or two from the ceiling. As far as width is concerned, the inner edge of the drapes should fall on the outer edge of your window, thus allowing plenty of natural light.

2) Blinds are difficult to clean and maintain

Although blinds are delicate and cannot be cleaned quickly, it is not difficult to keep them in good shape. All you need is the right method. Unlike other window treatments that can be cleaned using a cloth, blinds need to be vacuumed at least once a month and dusted regularly. Here is a complete guide to cleaning blinds without damage.

3) Window shades are difficult to operate

Shades are one of the most sophisticated window coverings and are perfect for making a room look clutter free. However, it is a common myth that operating them is a hassle. There are a number of motorized and cordless shades available that can be raised and lowered with the click of a button.

4) Window treatments make my home too dark

The primary functions of window treatment are to provide privacy and control light while accentuating windows. But not all window coverings block light completely. In fact, they come in a variety of opacities. Blackout shades and other room darkening window treatments are popular choices for bedrooms and media rooms but can of course be opened during the day to let in light. However, if you want more light in the room, go for shutters and sheer curtains.

Long sheer curtains

5) Window coverings should be avoided in order to achieve a minimalist aesthetic

Minimalist design has a unique charm and embraces the ‘less is more’ notion. It is a popular but false belief that window coverings must be avoided if one wishes to achieve the minimalist aesthetic. The fact is you need to choose a suitable window treatment option, not skip it altogether. To complement the clean lines and natural light required for minimalist design, Roman shades, plantation shutters, curtains (not overly fancy) or roller blinds are excellent options.

6) Window treatments are all the same

Where did that come from? There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to decorating your windows. Each room has different lighting, privacy and design needs and hence requires a suitable window covering option depending on these factors. For example, you need to block out light in your bedroom to create an environment conducive to sleep. For this, blackout shades are a great choice. Your child’s room requires a safe window covering that doesn’t pose a threat of strangulation, thus making cordless or motorized window treatments an ideal choice.

7) You can’t find window coverings for oddly shaped windows

Many dealers offer custom window coverings that can be tailor-made to fit the size and shape of your windows if they are wider or larger than standard. As far as unusually shaped windows are concerned, go through one of our posts on window covering ideas for oddly shaped windows to get inspiration for covering your unique windows.

8) Window treatments will obstruct the outside view

If you have a sliding glass door or sunroom, you probably use it to enjoy the view outside. But if you think that using a window treatment will obstruct that view, you are wrong. In fact, covering the door or sunroom window with shutters or roller shades provides privacy and light control. They can be easily adjusted from top and bottom to let you enjoy the view outside during the day and cover it at night to protect your privacy.

9) Draperies don’t need to be lined

Many homeowners omit lining when installing draperies on their windows, thinking it is a waste of money. Our window treatment experts advise that lining protects windows from the sun and adds depth and fullness to drapes, thus making them look more luxurious and elegant.

Decorating your windows with a suitable window covering is not easy, especially if you are surrounded by false information. Believing the above-mentioned misconceptions can cost you your home décor. It is time to open your mind and embrace the modern options available. If you need assistance choosing a perfect window treatment for your home, feel free to get in touch with us. We are happy to help.