What Are the Advantages and Drawbacks of Shutters?

With so many types of window coverings available these days, choosing the right option that’s ideal for your home can be demanding. The trouble compounds when homeowners leave deciding on their windows for last. One of the most popular window treatments are shutters. Toronto-based homeowners, looking for a long-lasting and permanent solution for their windows that can withstand extreme climates, will find them very suitable. Understanding the advantages and drawbacks of shutters is helpful for Read more [...]

Quick Guide to California and Plantation Shutters- Differences and Benefits

differences between california and plantation shutters
Window coverings provide protection and enhance the beauty of your home- both inside and outside. Choosing the right window treatment is important for this reason. Window shutters are among the most versatile, durable and long-term window treatment that you can invest in and are available for indoors as well as outdoor mounting. However, choosing between California and plantation shutters can be difficult since they appear extremely similar. This post outlines the major differences between these Read more [...]

Everything You Need to Know About California Shutters

Everything You Need to Know About California Shutters
When it comes to choosing an indoor window covering that gives you privacy, light control, and amazing appearance, California shutters are the best bet. This versatile window treatment option has a classic charm and modern appeal that makes it an ideal choice to complement both traditional and contemporary home decors. Apart from being a beautiful addition to your living space, there is so much more to California shutters. If you want to learn more about this window covering, read this blog post. History Read more [...]

10 Amazing Advantages That Make California Shutters the Best

Interior shutters are a great addition to your home as they enhance its interior beauty and ensure that your privacy is maintained, and the home insulation is well moderated at the same time. California shutters are a type of interior shutter that are popular in Canadian households. Similar to plantation shutters, the only difference between them is the difference in the width of the louvres. This blog outlines the top ten advantages of California shutters and what makes them the perfect choice Read more [...]

Find Out How Wood Shutters Can Benefit Your Home

everwood shutters
A home is an investment which is why you want all its elements to be protected, stylish and long-lasting. If you’re wondering what can combine these three attributes then opt for window shutters. Elegant, durable and easy to maintain, interior shutters are one of the popular window coverings over any other traditional form. Known for its benefits, interior designers vouch for these shutters and implement them for home and office decors. With interior shutters, you can enjoy many benefits. To know Read more [...]

Why California Shutters are a Superb Choice for Canadian Homes

Were you of the view that California shutters were invented and widely distributed in California? Actually not But their extensive usage in California has helped them earn this nickname. These windows are floor to ceiling versions of regular size fixtures, allowing in enough sunlight and breeze to keep your room aesthetically pleasing. Why Are They Called Plantation Shutters? If you looked at the images of the colonial buildings in the recent past, mystery behind the name would be automatically Read more [...]