7 Exclusive Window Treatment Ideas Loved By Design Pros

Window Treatment Ideas Suggested by Pros

A luxurious room featuring exquisite furniture pieces, a sophisticated chandelier, famous wall art pieces and plain plastic window blinds. Can you spot the odd one out? Of course, you can. A well-designed room is incomplete without a complementing window treatment. That’s why interior designers never overlook the importance of this design element and come up with beautiful ideas to dress up windows. And, the best part is they have some favourite window coverings too.

Here’s a list of seven exclusive window treatment ideas loved by interior designers.

1) Matching Valances and Pillows

No matter the type of window covering you choose, valances are capable of taking your window décor to the next level, thus being one of the favourites of the pros. Many interior designers prefer matching the valances with pillows or throws to tie the room together and bring uniformity to the décor. However, overdoing will do more damage than good. The best bet is to match just one or two throws with decorative valances and use them as accent pieces to enhance the visual appeal.

2) Flawless Sheer Curtains

Gone are the days when opaque drapes and heavy curtains adorned modern homes. Designers now prefer less complicated window coverings like sheer curtains. Miles Redd, a Manhattan designer, says “These (sheer curtains) look fresh and modern to the eye. We have been in a period of high colour and high relief. It’s nice to have the lightness.” Sheer curtains give an airy look to the room and make the windows appear larger than they are.

3) Fresh Botanical-Printed Curtains

People who live in cities, often ask interior designers to incorporate natural elements into the home décor. To bring in natural warmth and appeal to the rooms through windows, design pros swear by botanical-printed curtains and roman shades. These window coverings have a one-of-a-kind style. They make you feel closer to nature and give a livelier appearance to the room.

7 Exclusive Window Treatment Ideas Loved by Design Pros

4) Contemporary Matchstick Shades

Eco-friendly and graceful matchstick shades are preferred by design pros to create an airy, yet polished look for the windows. These window covering options add a neutral tone and complement the bright colours in the room. Matchstick blinds and shades are made of bamboo and make the room appear slimmer, thus being an ideal addition to small living areas.

5) Colourful Shutters

Ordinary interior designers install shutters, but extraordinary professionals install colourful shutters. This creative take on traditional shutters is the go-to option for designers to add a pop of colour to the room while giving it an instant face lift. The choice of colour depends on your existing décor. For example, if you have a kitchen decorated in a English country style, then blue shutters will be perfect, or if your living room is decorated in an all-white theme, then black shutters will surely stand out.

6) Luxurious Silk Drapery Panels

When it comes to choosing a luxurious and beautiful window covering, silk drapery panels are the preferred choice of design professionals. They give the much-needed shine to an otherwise dull room and their silky finish up the style game of room décor. Available in a variety of colours, styles and designs, silk drapery panels are perfect for homes with opulent furniture pieces and accessories.

7) Timeless Lambrequins

Have you heard about lambrequins? Well, these traditional window treatments have been around since medieval times. But contemporary interior designers have fallen head over heels with this classic item and don’t hesitate in calling it a favourite. This cornice-like window covering has sides that continue to the sill or even the floor. They bring in shape, colour, texture and style while covering the drapery hardware with elegance. Lambrequins not only improve the appearance of your window treatment but also add visual interest.

Do you like these ideas? If so, then add them to your home and transform your windows into statement pieces. These window treatment ideas are loved by designers and you’ll love them too. Leave a reply below to tell us how these creative suggestions turned out to be.