Buying New Window Coverings? Don’t Believe These 10 Myths!

Buying new window coverings can be confusing, especially when homeowners have so many options and so little experience how to do it. All the myths about window treatments needlessly complicate the selection process further.In the search for the perfect blinds, shades or shutters, it helps to know the facts. Because unless you're a design expert, you could end up with mismatched or poorly hung window coverings or none at all.Image Source - help you avoid falling Read more [...]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Measure Windows for Blinds

If you are planning to install new blinds at home, measuring your windows is essential to figuring out the required blind sizes. Exact window measurement matter as ill-fitting blinds affect the look of your room. This blog guides you on how to measure your windows accurately in order to install various types of blinds, mainly inside mount and outside mount. How to Measure Windows for Inside Mount Blinds Inside mount blinds are known for their visual appeal. As they fit inside the frame perfectly, Read more [...]

5 Popular Blinds to Make Your Bedroom Cozy

Comfort, privacy and relaxation are the primary pleasures everyone looks forward to as they step into their bedrooms. However, there are several factors that affect the serenity of a bedroom, window coverings being the most important one. Your choice of window treatments affects the ventilation and privacy of the room and hence should be carefully chosen. One of the most functional and popular choices of windows coverings for the bedroom is the window blinds. Toronto’s weather, the neighbourhood Read more [...]

Tips to Decorate Difficult to Access Windows

Whether it’s a Palladian, casement, bay, skylight or any other high window, its architectural placements make it difficult to treat them. A lot of homeowners often get frustrated dealing with such inaccessible windows and look for better solutions for privacy and light control in their homes throughout the year. In today’s blog post, we’ve put together some simple solutions for these hard to reach windows. Follow these tips to better deal with your inaccessible windows. Louvered Read more [...]

Choosing the Right Window Shades to Prevent Sun Damage Indoors

window shades
Many glass windows are larger and wider than they have been in the past. This is a problem because windows are notorious heat reflectors and absorbents. A high-performance window absorbs ten times the heat during summer and loses ten times the heat during winter compared to a wall of equal dimensions. However, sunlight has its own downsides and dealing with UV rays is tricky as they’re present even when the sun isn’t shining on cloudy days. The harmful UV rays are responsible for discolouration Read more [...]

Why You Should Consider Installing Faux Wood Blinds in Your Home

A popular item in the world of interior design is faux wood blinds. These blinds are different from regular wood blinds because they are made from either a PVC/vinyl, or a composite wood material. Both materials are very durable, especially in areas with high humidity.The window coverings look like real wood, but are much more resilient, flexible and economical. These aren’t the only benefits faux wood blinds provide. Why Install Faux Wood Window Blinds?Made from durable polymer materials, Read more [...]