Dress Your Windows in Style With Custom Curtains

Choosing the right drapes for your windows can be quite a challenge. However, if you do it right, there can be nothing better that can add immense style and class to your living space. Window treatment options are numerous and can be quite confusing for a home owner to choose between shades, blinds, drapes, curtains, etc. Though there are countless off the shelf options for your windows, if you have the time and resources, going for custom curtains are the best because you can get a completely customized Read more [...]

Basement Window Coverings for Your Home in Toronto

Basements in homes have high utilitarian values with the space being used for various purposes depending upon the need of the home owner. These spaces can be renovated to create a study, music room and library or even to accommodate tenancy. However it is essential to maintain this area of your home so that it is put to good use especially if you have a big family. While renovating a basement it is extremely important to pay adequate attention to the windows because they are the only source of natural Read more [...]

How to Clean Mini Blinds at Home?

Mini blinds have narrower slats than the usual blinds. Since they are narrower, it can be quite a challenge to keep them clean, free from dust, grime, insects, pollen, grease, etc. However, with little effort and right techniques it is quite possible to clean them at home without much help. Also it is important that you keep cleaning them at regular intervals so that their look remains unaffected. If you allow dust to accumulate on mini blinds over a long period of time, they are quite likely to Read more [...]

Advantages of Blackout Window Treatments for Your Home

Summer months mean longer days with early dawns and late evenings. Though the warmth that these days bring with are a great change from the cold and damp winter months, there are times when homeowners like to shut out the bright external light and create dark cozy interiors. This can be made possible by installing window treatments like blackout blinds or blackout curtains that are specially created for the purpose. These blackout window coverings have more advantages than one. Let us check them Read more [...]

Latest Trends in Window Coverings

Choosing window coverings for homes can be a pretty challenging task for home owners. Styles and fashions are quick to change. Though personal tastes and choices play a pre-dominant role in the choice of these important interior décor components, it is always a good idea to pay some attention to the latest trends so that you can have an updated home that is abreast of times. Here we discuss some popular trends that are prevalent to help you make a wise and well informed decision. Drapes are Read more [...]

Advantages of Curtains

Curtains are probably the most popular and common of all window coverings and this is not without reason. These coverings come in a plethora of textures, fabrics, designs and patterns to meet every kind of aesthetic requirement. Though there are many options like blinds, shades, shutters, etc. for window coverings, curtains are much preferred and are an integral part of every home with some or the window getting dressed with these. If you are planning to install new coverings then check out the advantages Read more [...]

Choose the Right Window Covering for Different Rooms

Window treatments are as important as the windows themselves. While windows do a great job in providing natural light and ventilation to various areas of a home, window treatments impart that essential aesthetic component along with adding up to the functionalities of these vital openings. As a home owner you have great responsibility in choosing the right window coverings for your home so as to optimize its benefits, yet not undermine the importance of windows. You need to choose window Read more [...]

Are Roman Shades a Good Option for your Home?

Blinds and shades are often used interchangeably, which can be quite confusing. It is important to understand the difference between the two to decide which bets suits your requirements. Fundamentally they are both window coverings used to primarily block or diffuse light, just that they vary slightly in the way they look. Most blinds have stiles or louvers or slats and give a hard defined, crisp look rendering a formal persona to the room. Shades are mostly fabric based and are considered as soft Read more [...]

How Are Roman Blinds Different From Roller Blinds?

Blinds are commonly used window coverings primarily used with the purpose of blocking out sunlight as much as possible. Though the principal functionality of most window coverings is light control, i.e. letting you decide how much of natural light or sunlight you wish to have in your room, blinds are more about a darkening effect. Blinds are also of different types, the most popular of them being Roman blinds and roller blinds, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Roman blinds and Read more [...]

Hands On Guide To Shutters!

Shutters are popular window treatments almost everywhere and have been around for quite a while adding to a home’s curb appeal. Shutters are basically a framework of horizontal and vertical rails with operable louvers throughout the framework. The louvers could be horizontal or vertical depending completely upon the personal choice of a home-owner. Window shutters are also known as plantation shutters and were traditionally made of wood. Choosing window shutters for your home can be an overwhelming Read more [...]
Centurian Window Fashions

Centurian Window Fashions