Hands On Guide To Shutters!

Shutters are popular window treatments almost everywhere and have been around for quite a while adding to a home’s curb appeal. Shutters are basically a framework of horizontal and vertical rails with operable louvers throughout the framework. The louvers could be horizontal or vertical depending completely upon the personal choice of a home-owner. Window shutters are also known as plantation shutters and were traditionally made of wood. Choosing window shutters for your home can be an overwhelming Read more [...]

Roller Shades – The Ideal Window Covering For Your Home

Roller shades have been around for quite some time and are a traditional choice for window coverings. However, it discontinued being a preferred choice for home owners owing to its jerky movements. But with the passage of time shades have evolved to accommodate modern lifestyles rendering a stylish and chic, yet casual and informal look to homes along with enhanced operating mechanism. Roller shades as the name suggests, operate on a rolling mechanism to cover at window. Usually lodged at the top Read more [...]

Are Roller Blinds Better Than Roman Ones?

The prime functionality of blinds is to block out sunlight or natural light filtering into a room. Popular options for blinds are roman blinds and roller blonds. Though both fulfill the purpose of keep light out of the room, there are some features that set them apart. Roller blinds fit into any and every kind of interior decor be it modern, contemporary or eclectic. Roman blinds are more apt for formal layouts and houses that have a mansion like look and feel to them. You can have a combination Read more [...]

5 Window Treatment Ideas to Brighten Up Small Spaces

Contrary to what we’ve always been led to believe, small living spaces don’t need to look claustrophobic, cramped and cluttered. As real estate continues its steep climb to complete unaffordability, and millennials are the first generation faced with the very real possibility of never making it to a starter home, North America is starting to rethink the idea of housing as a whole. A huge number of college grads, young twenty somethings in their first job, young couples and families can no longer Read more [...]

Simple Tips to Keep Your Curtains Looking New for Years to Come

Curtains have the ability to change the look of your room instantly, and dress up your windows instantly. Installed in keeping with the theme of your room, they can help create the haven that you can retreat to at the end of a tiring day, or entertain guests on a balmy weekend evening. Apart from dressing up your windows they also serve to provide the much needed privacy inside your home. Curtains come in various degrees of opacity, and ranging from sheers to thick curtains, these can turn your room Read more [...]

Window Treatment that Talks About Aesthetics and Functionalities Together

While adding light and ventilation to your interiors they serve as a piece of art with innovative decoration. These days, interior decoration is as much as function Windows are that part of your home that gives you the best liberty to unfold your great taste for aesthetics nality as it is aesthetics. And, windows are indeed a great way to reveal the designer’s creative zeal without sacrificing the usability. And then there are spectacular window treatments that will surely set in the perfect snug Read more [...]

Get the Best Blinds at Unbeatable Prices

There are too many places in Toronto to buy blinds from, and everyone is vying for your attention. Amidst so much competition, where do you look for blinds that will protect your windows and the interiors as well as add beauty to your home, at the best prices? Many shops sell blinds in Toronto that are taken out of the box and fitted to your windows, without being customized. These out of the box products might add beauty to your home, and make you feel proud, until you walk into a colleague’s Read more [...]
Centurian Window Fashions

Centurian Window Fashions